Thursday, March 7, 2013


Sometimes names for quilts jump at me, sometimes they don't.  I had this quilt in mind for a long time, and I've been worrying away at a name.  I think Life.Cycle works for me.

It started with a metal pencil case, a challenge was set to "do something" with it.  I thought about the creativity inherent in a box of pencils - the latent energy that is there waiting to spring forth.  I was thinking of my own creativity and how I'm inspired and supported and encouraged by others.  I had seen a concertina scrapbook "journal" stuck inside a metal tin, and liked that idea.  I liked also representing the members of my art quilt group.

So - I made 8 nine patches, of fabrics that had been buried/hung as part of the "Integrate/Disintegrate" activity.  I added some others which had meaning and stitched leaves on the finished mini-quilts.  The leaves had been soaked in glycerine/water to make them pliable (and long lasting I hope).

The centre mini quilt is "me" surrounded by the group.  We are all individual, but connected.

Each mini quilt has its own pocket in the "concertina"
 partially opened

the whole piece.


  1. What a fantastic idea Kate. Looks great - very creative.

  2. Heard about this on the weekend - glad I could see it 'in the flesh' - look forward to seeing it one day - looks sooooo interesting!